QUINTEN DIERICK . Dutch artist in the field of visual-arts, performance, writings and sound.

Under my natural name I show my visual work and do spoken word performances.
Under the moniker E.M.I.R.S.  , I compose electr acoustic work, sometimes in songformat, sometimes more abstract soundwork.

NITRIC  is noisy , raw techno, the backside of clubbing:

I do commissioned soundwork for theatre, dance and performance.
I,m specialised in electro-acoustic sounds, deep rhythms , broody electronics and bizar , industrial noise. I have my own Studio with unique acoustics. Recording on tape mainly. Please listen to albums and tracks on my bandcamp.and soundcloud.



Quinten Dierick Paramaribo 1967 

1986-1991 University of Arts ArtEZ , Arnhem, the Netherlands 

1991-92 Master Ateliers Arnhem , the Netherlands 

1992-1999 Various groupshows and manifestations, 

among other: 

1993 Prix de Rome (catalogue) 

Nov.-dec. 1993 Solo Blauwhuis ,Zuphen 

Nov.-dec. 1994 Solo Galerie van den Crommenacker, Arnhem 

Dec. 2000 Solo exhibition “Trashgraphics” at Plaatsmaken,Arnhem. 

2000-2018 Liveperformances in Holland and abroad as musician/ soundartist. 

2011 production and play Of theatre-play “Plastic CityWrap me Up” 

2011 october. Groupshow “My own private Leitkultur”Parkhaus Projects, Berlin.Curated by Mareike Lee. 

2014sept.-nov. groupshow “Untitled Detroit “ Salt&Cedar, Detroit ,US 


2015  october.Solo Galerie de Vijf Ramen , Arnhem 


2015 march.Duoshow with Chandor Bos  “Drooling Through Life”  Apiary Studios, London, Uk. 


2016 aprl-june. Groupshow “Zwart-Wit” KDW96ART, Arnhem, Nederland. 


2016. sept.-oct. Residency “Geheime Bunker”, Studio Omstand, Arnhem. 


2017 march. Solo “Neo Fossiel” bij 5VEB Studio Omstand, Arnhem ,Nederland. 


Dec.2017-march 2018. Composition and live-performance of  theatrescore for the play “Ik geef je de zon” Schouwburg Hengelo in collaboration with Theatermakerij Enschede. 


2018 august. Workshopleader Scenografie at Pottfiction theaterfestival Herne (ger) 


2018-19 dec-jan. Solo “Semi-Permeable” at ACEC , Apeldoorn , the Netherlands

19-10-2019-01-12-2019 Solo "The Prompter"' at Kunstenlab, Deventer , thre Netherlands








I perform and develop workshops in the field of drawing, installation, printing, installation, performance and sound.