Quinten Dierick . Works and lives in Arnhem , the Netherlands
Visual art , sound, performance.
The human species  is the only lifeform can has the capability that can thrive on assumptions , in large numbers in space and time. Not only with disastrous consequences but by that, also able to dream, to hope and able to create music. In my visual work I show both the mechanisms , as the effects.

Under the moniker E.M.I.R.S., I produce music , soundart.Sometimes in a songformat, sometimes very abstract. Electro-acoustic, fully electronic, acoustic.


NITRIC is my very bare to the bone , raw , techno-activity. Only livesets with synths and drumcomputers and effects


Under my natural name ,I perform spoken word performances, often accompanied with tapes and/or electronics

C.V. :


nov. 14 1967 Paramaribo Suriname

 1987-' 91 Academy of the Arts Arnhem, the Netherlands


1991-' 92 master, Ateliers Arnhem


1992-> Start as visual artist, solo and groupshows

Prix de Rome  .

 1993-1997 Printing stonelithography at Stichting Plaatsmaken , Arnhem.


2000 Start as musician in various project, playng live and touring (inter)national shows


2005-2011 Programmaker at Extrapool Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Curating, organising and soundtechnique. .


2005-present. Technical assistant graphic workshop at Artez , academy of Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands.


2007-2010  Art teacher at Stichting Beleven , Arnhem the Netherlands.


2008-2011. Drwawing-workshops/various affiliated with Kotti-shop , Berlin.

2011 Production and play in theatre-piece Plastic City Wrap me Up. Musictheatre/installation.

2009-2012 Technician for touring theatre pieces


Sept-nov. 2014 groepshow “Untitled Detroit “ Salt&Cedar, Detroit ,US

Start with soundproject E.M.I.R.S.

 2015 oktober Galerie de Vijf Ramen , Arnhem

 Maart  2015, “Drooling Through Life” Exhibition W. Chandor Bos bij Apiary Studios, London, Uk.

 Aprl-juni 2016 Groepshow “Zwart-Wit” KDW96ART, Arnhem, Nederland

 March 2017 solo   “Neo Fossiel” bij 5VEB Studio Omstand, Arnhem ,Nederland

 12-12-2018-13--01-2019 Solo "Semi-Permeable at ACEC, Apeldoorn, the Netherlands

19-10-2019-01-12-2019  Solo "The Prompter" at Kunstenlab, Deventer, the Netherlands.